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May 24 2017

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May 23 2017

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by mattcrump on instagram



lmao yo i’m convinced melania just tryna outlive this man and collect them billions at this point




who know what’s shitty about being an adult?

forgetting to take the chicken out … for you to cook for yourself.

now you gotta beat your own ass

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holy grail beauty products // rose

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plant babies helping me study ✨ insta @emmalucys 🌵 snap emma.lucys


“its all in your head” bitch where did you want me to keep my feelings ?? want me to hold them in my hands??? put em in a bag??

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At this point, I’m just tired. I shouldn’t have to continually make these posts, but I’m not going to stop. I’m going to post what happens to me, every time it happens to me, because it needs to be addressed and not just by the victims. Men (and women) need to start holding men act like this accountable. 

 And before you all start posting about what you think I “should have done” you need to remember that when I go to the store I am not expecting to be accosted by random men while shopping, going to the movies, or going out to a club with a friend. All the responses I think I would use are afterthoughts because in the moment all I’m thinking is “how the fuck do I get away from this dude, and get to safety, without causing a scene or putting myself in danger" 

Also women are not responsible for the harassment they experience. Period.

May 22 2017

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no offense but why are men not self aware at all 

We are. We just don’t care about or respect most women. But we’re aware of that, trust me.

wow its great to know that men are consciously aware that they hate women 

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ill be yours and u be mine

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mutual: hey

me: asdhasiaisdasuinuiasndiasniasdismdwiedoasdsiomdisewsdasfewefefesrfwefdsfsdfsdfuisnfdsicnixncixncisdcfisddiwerjisidsiwermimfsdmifmiwefsdmfimifmomfodmofidmsofsdof,osdfofodfomfodmfdsfmdossdfmewfsdof,sdof,oeeptk34pk5op34k5op34534o53kp34k34opk 34ko34jk534o5j34oj5345 hey i love you lol





hey does anyone know the fastest way to clean up milk that’s covering every goddamn i nch of the  kitchen floor

i know a gal……she’s on her way


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