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October 08 2017

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something about family, style experimentation, and saturated colours

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Not everything works out the first time. That’s okay. Growth means attempting new challenges, many of which we will fall short of. We can see it as failing, or we can see it as practice. We can retreat into ourselves, or we can take what we’ve learned and move forward. Failure or practice. It all comes down to how you look at things. Your mindset is your destiny. It’s all up to you.

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October 07 2017

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i wish (2017, dir. ziyong kim) and devices

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prabal gurung ss18


Me right before going to bed after doing my night routine: fresh and clean with all my oils, creams, and serums on, checking to see what kind of bullshit is going on in the world today


I almost made a grown man cry today



at work I called out his coffee order and he was like “that’s not how women usually call out my name ;) ;) ;)” so I just blinked and said “I’ll try to sound more disappointed next time then” then walked away


oh my god, you goddess

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not a day goes by that i don’t think about this moment

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A lot of us don’t know where we come from because slavery

It’s almost like? All the connections and history were beaten, killed, burned and unrecorded, suppressed?

And DNA kits are expensive.

And I ain’t sending my DNA nowhere so muthafuckas can have it on file.

Also DNA kits aren’t accurate. They won’t be able specify and it’ll probably just say “West Africa”

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Oh yea, I’m back to being brunette.

IG: @sarah.feingold





anyone else read a paragraph of academic prose and then stare at it blankly with no idea what you just read because it’s so clogged with jargon

this is an academia call out post and i’m here for it

Shout out to old philosophers who did not appear to know what a full stop or a paragraph break was.

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beauty @ fashion east ss18

October 06 2017

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Nykhor Paul // Naeem Khan FW 2017-18

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