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May 21 2018


me, coming back to my senses: I……really ate all that bread…….

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children are so pure every child deserves a chance at a pleasant childhood and caring upbringing

May 20 2018

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Ganbare! Nakamura-kun!! (ガンバレ!中村くん!!) // Syundei

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bratz dolls part two

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Cyrus Amini by Jordi Estrada – Hercules Universal XXIV Vol. II

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May 19 2018


me looking for the bus knowing it already left in front of me and i could’ve caught it if i’d put my pride aside and run

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Hey Y'all Its Me Again

Unemployed mentally ill trans nb person here in need of some financial support! 🙃

Money would go towards things like: Human Food, Cat Food, medication, toiletries, gas & car repairs

Hopefully I can find work soon! Lots of places are hiring for the summer, but its been over a month since moving & I’ve still come up empty

Please donate to my paypal if you can

Things that I literally Need right now: cat food, medication

I also have some sort of cyst or stye on my eyelid so that’s neat

Hey yall I got my renewal form for my car tags in the mail today & I’m uninsured so I need to make sure my cars up to date on the Outside so I don’t get pulled over for no reason I need 113$ by the end of June please help me out thank you

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i am so fuking happy about luigi tennis

does Luigi have a big dick I can’t tell

that’s the beauty part

some rough work reveals that luigi may be close to four inches flaccid, although this is a) simply one interpretation of which way his dick is resting, b) therefore is merely an educated guess as to length, c) does not account for any level of partial erection, & d) reveals little to nothing about his erect measurement

what we do know, however, is that luigi has a dick. and that? that’s great.

mark I’m coming to confiscate your computer

don’t censor him

first of all. luigi has cankles, second of all, what razor does he use because those gams are SLEEK

Why are you all like this

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fight of the century

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