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April 21 2017


My kink is having absolutely no one from high school know anything about me or what I’m doin now lmao

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[me internally while someones talkin to me] wow they Really Think i kno wats goin on rn…

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This Latinx business owner needs our help!!! Her products are already so beautiful, so order some of these beautiful bath bombs and help her mother expedite her passport! The link to her store is brewbles.myshopify.com

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life is too hard. it’s too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like to be a cloud. 

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anniesa hasibuan s/s 2017

OK SO next week i have tuesday and wednessday off frm college (the school has an activity then so 1st year students get to stay home)  so tht means i only need to go monday and thursday….or should i not be a pussy and just take the whole week off lmao


i only fuck with shut-ins and people without lives………if you got friends and leave the house fuck you



Being afraid to check your bank account is the adult version of being afraid to check your grades.

College is when you’re afraid of both

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the realness


You didn’t break my heart you fucking killed me.

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Sadly this is true, while gays are (slowly) being accepted by society, atheists are still demonized and shunned.

someone replace “atheist” with “minecraft youtuber”


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